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Find Your Own Pace Podcast - Community

October 18, 2021

In this podcast episode we are very excited to be discussing being part of a community. 

Our community has evolved; sharing and offering support, connecting us all together. We have three intriguing conversations with the Friends of Greenwich Park, the Greenwich Theatre, and The Bridge. All of them opened up about what they bring to the community, what the community has given back. We found that there was one comment thread, that our community is still like a village hall, a hub, a source for gathering resources.


Friends of Greenwich Park

Sue Yates, Co-Chair Deputy Chair



Greenwich Theatre

Simon Francis, Commercial Director



The Bridge

East Greenwich Pleasaunce Park

Lucie Murphy, General Manager

Ruth Cracknell, Grounds Manager, Director

Maddie West, Greenwich Runner, Volunteer


Dan Synge

Find Your Own Pace Podcast Theme Tune

Rosaville Music Company



Yasia Williams

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